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Merry Meet ! Welcome to all

 An harm ye none, do what ye will.

An harm be done, do as you must 

     Pagans understand that we have many tools within our grasp to help us in our life. We perform rituals, cast spells,use herbs and deal in magick in all it's forms. Most of all we are as real as we choose to be.

For all those who equate being a Pagan with devil worship(satanism), please understand that satan is part of the Judaeo-Christian beliefs and has nothing to do with paganism. Also , not all Pagans are witches(Wiccan) much like not all Christians are baptist. More than anything else we are people who, like most who have faith in a higher power, try to live a good life and honor our god(s) and Godesses.

 You are welcome to join and encouraged to participate even if you are not pagan

 Blessed Be




This is a Free site dedicated to the Pagan Community



Your cup of Chi Community Group




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